So, how did this story end?

First of all, I’d like to offer a big apology for not finishing the blog properly. It’s always a bit annoying when people return home from a big trip and then never get around to writing the last blog posts. It leaves so many unanswered questions, doesn’t it? Whatever happened to Chris and Dea? How … More So, how did this story end?

Lost in Europe

Sorry there haven’t been any new blog posts for a while. I know what you’re thinking – lockdown should have given us the best opportunity to write and catch up with the blog. But… I preferred to write about something else. You see, I found my notes from a hitchhiking trip I did way back … More Lost in Europe

#123: High points

PERU, 22nd November – 8th December 2019 “I’ve done it!” I shouted out as Dea pedalled up towards me. We were nearing the top of the highest pass of the trip, around 4,800 metres above sea level, high in the Peruvian Andes. It had, I assume, been a long and tough climb, although I hadn’t … More #123: High points

#122: Highs and lows

PERU, 5th -21st November 2019 I stretched the bright blue sports tape around my thumb, rubbed it on thoroughly and tried opening my hand. The tape protected my thumb, like the doctor (a friend of my parents) I had Skyped with the day before had suggested. It felt good. After examining my hand via the … More #122: Highs and lows

#121: The Apprentice

PERU, 3rd-7th November 2019 “You’re very tall,” I said to Max as I welcomed him off his bus from Lima onto the busy streets of Churin. His was very tall, surprisingly so (that’s why I said it), but I hoped he didn’t take it the wrong way. It was, after all, the way I greeted … More #121: The Apprentice