Lost in Europe

Sorry there haven’t been any new blog posts for a while. I know what you’re thinking – lockdown should have given us the best opportunity to write and catch up with the blog. But… I preferred to write about something else.

You see, I found my notes from a hitchhiking trip I did way back in 2007. It was an important trip for me – it was my first time travelling by myself, and really set me on the path to the life of a nomadic traveller. After I found the notes, I thought it was a perfect opportunity for me to sit down and turn them into a book so I would have something to always remember the trip by.

The resulting book, Lost in Europe, is available to buy now on Amazon by clicking here (Kindle version only at the moment, paperback to follow soon). It is a pretty short book compared with my other ones, so I’ve made it as cheap as I could for you. Hope you enjoy it, if only for the extremely odd descriptions of me voluntarily and quite happily getting in motor vehicles (well, it was a long time ago!)

And we’ll do our best to get the blog updated before too long!


These kind Brazilian men gave me a lift into Brussels. Click the image for a photo album to go with the book.

3 thoughts on “Lost in Europe

  1. £1.77 now that is a bargain. I’ll look forward to reading that! Cheers Chris. Keep safe and I’ll post a review once read


  2. Hi Chris, Congratulations on the new book. It’s a page-turner!

    I’m glad you posted the photos to go with it. All in all an excellent way to get to know a sizeable collection of truckies in one evening.

    I got excited reading the contents page when I saw you’d been to Graz. Cath and I spent six months there not so long ago enjoying the cakes and pervasive xenophobia. So I was disappointed to be deprived of your 22-year-old self’s impressions of the place.

    Alas I am too much of a tight arse for Amazon to allow me to post reviews — seems that with the purchase of your tome I spent $2.66 of the required $50 in the last 12 months. Sorry about that!


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