Travel Style

There are no wrong turns,
just different parts of everywhere.

Chris came up with this catchy little phrase during his early life as a touring cyclist. Initially it was just to calm him down whenever he got frustrated about getting lost, which happened quite a lot. It reminded him that the real beauty of cycle touring was not in getting somewhere as fast as possible, but in slowing down and smelling the roses. In a way there really is no such thing as a wrong turn when you live the way we try to. Even if we do go somewhere we never intended, it may lead us to some unexpected experience or sight that we otherwise would have missed out on.

When Chris decided to incorporate the phrase into the title of his books, it made sense to also use it for the website, because as well as the day-to-day meaning, the philosophy also applies to our whole trip. It was a ‘wrong turn’ that led Chris to be forced to get in a motor vehicle at the Russia-Mongolia border a few years ago, yet it was only because of going that way that he was able to meet with Dea a few days later. Similarly, Dea’s eye infection that forced us to abandon our original plan to cycle the Americas together only led us to this exciting new adventure.

Whatever happens, whichever way the road and life takes us, it’s all just different parts of everywhere, and that’s just great.

Another general aspect about our travel style is the element of play.
Chris loves to play games and could play forever, if his playmates wanted to. Dea loves to play games with Chris, especially the games he makes up himself. Unlike Chris, her enthusiasm for playing does have limits though. Chris is an expert in inventing games that can be played while cycling, perhaps because he has been cycling so much by himself and found this a way to entertain himself. And some entertainment is needed when cycle touring, because no matter how great it is, sometimes it can also be a bit boring. Our favorite games so far is Pine Cone Wars and Spotting Things Game and when off we are off the bikes Eureka ball like you see on the picture below.

Our pace and rhythm is very flexible and depends much on the circumstances, but if the situation allows it, we enjoy to slow down. The ride is not a race. Laying in in the tent as the light slowly increases, exploring a waterfall or watching wild life, playing a game of volley ball, football or mini golf, making stops for a swim or a chat with a local and feeding birds, rats and horses can easily delay our cycling task. With that said, we also both like challenges and a deadline demanding covering big distances can be seen as another game to be played that has its own reward in the end.

We live outdoor wild camping as much as we can. To experience and surrender to the great powers of nature and discover the potentials and limitations of the nature of our minds and bodies makes us grateful, humble and content.

This life style feels right to us to an extent where it can be difficult to sleep in a bed again or alarming how the access to wi-fi steals our attention and appreciation of what is around us. These are reasons why we wild camp as much as possible. Another is, that we would like our money to last as long as possible, which also means we have lowered our general desire for expensive food products and restaurant meals, and instead go nuts when we find a Lidl. Thats is also why our gear and belongings are mainly cheap, worn, repaired and second hand except from the essential bike parts.