It had long been an ambition of mine to write a book. When I was younger I used to read books penned by adventurers and explorers, and it was these books that inspired me to follow a similar path. They showed me that it was possible to live such a life, captivated my imagination, and motivated me to try and have adventures myself.

Spending most of the past nine years travelling by bicycle I’ve had a lot of time to work on my writing. Towards the end of my first two and a half year trip I began to try and write a book. I’ve got to tell you, it wasn’t very good. It was destined to never see the light of day, especially after I accidentally sat on my laptop. Starting on my bicycle-and-boats ride six years ago (with a new laptop) I decided to keep a more detailed blog, and through this my writing improved gradually, to the point where I felt confident enough to turn it into a book. No Wrong Turns was the result.

A little over a year later and I was back writing again in order to complete the sequel, Into the Sunrise. It was released on the 6th of August 2018.