This map shows the current progress of our trip around the world together, starting with our departure from Copenhagen on 1st November 2016. (We then spent some time in the UK, before really beginning our cycle from Edinburgh on 19th March 2017.)


24th April 2020, Newton Blossomville, England

Cycled route distance: 43,590 kilometres since we left Edinburgh on 19th March 2017
46,527 kilometres since we left Copenhagen on 1st November 2016
104,495 kilometres since Chris left Paris on 15th July 2013

Cycling together: red Dea cycling alone: pink  – Chris cycling alone: orange   Boats: yellow  – Train (Dea): mint green – Bus: black – Plane: grey

This map shows Chris’s first solo circumnavigation around the world, starting from Paris on the 15th of July 2013. The route concludes with reaching Copenhagen in September 2016, from which point the other map continues.