Hey, hello there.
My name is Chris Pountney. I would describe myself as an ‘adventurer and author’. I describe myself this way because it sounds better than admitting I’m an unemployed homeless man who really likes riding his bike around. I’ve actually been travelling by bicycle for about nine and a half years now, covering something like 150,000 kilometres on five continents. I’m getting a bit tired, to be honest.
Quite a lot of things have happened during that time, and in an effort to remember some of them I have written two books, which you can find in a very large advertisement at the foot of this page, should you wish to do so.


My name is short and simple, and I will try and make this presentation the same. I’m from Denmark and 33 years old, I’ve got a master in Danish and Musicology and would like to be a teacher one day. I travel by bicycle and live (mostly) in a tent, because that seems like a good way to live for me at the moment.
I love when strangers smile and wave, I love to be in wild, remote places, I love my oats and coffee in the morning, I love my family and friends back home and those I’ve met along the way, I love good conversations, I love to create photos and to write, and I love Chris, horses and dried apricots.